Push is a powerful Proximity Marketing & Analytics Solution
“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”


-W. Edwards Deming, Renowned Data Scientist

How it works

How it works



A patented Smart Antenna is deployed in your place of business where it anonymously identifies and counts mobile devices that pass within an up to 300 foot radius. The Smart Antenna then pushes digital media such as ads, prompts. product information or coupons to mobile devices without the need for an app and without compromising the consumers personal information or privacy.


The consumer is enticed by the call-to-action received on their mobile device and can then opt in or out to accept the offer. Once accepted, the offer informs the consumer about products or services and can draw the consumer into a place of business where the offer can then be redeemed at the point of sale.



Highly relevant consumer behaviour metrics and analytics otherwise known as “Big Data” are captured around the clock by the smart antenna, all in real time. These verified insights are then compiled and stored on a secure server for review in the form of easy to access and manage reports.



Using the verified Big Data insights, businesses are then able to make smart, data driven decisions to help them grow their enterprise. increase profitability, become more competitive and attract and retain loyal customers in ways never before possible.
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


Reach Mobile

blue-dotDrive consumers to an immediate purchase.
blue-dotDraw consumers into a place of business by alerting them of products or services that are only steps away.
blue-dotIncrease revenue by delivering messaging to a consumers hand at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and without adding to a companies carbon footprint.


“Big Data”


blue-dotPush supplies real-time metrics and point of sale analytics by collecting consumer response data providing statistics behind the sales allowing for the continuous improvement of advertising and marketing effectiveness.
blue-dotImmediately identify trends in consumer behaviour before the competition or even consumer themselves do.
blue-dotRemove the guesswork and make smart, data driven business, marketing and advertising decisions.


Engage & Retain

blue-dotRetain customers with customizable loyalty programs, reward points and personalized greetings.
blue-dotPlease consumers by delivering a richer, more relevant shopping experience when in a place of business.
blue-dotProven to increase brand engagement and customer loyalty, Push generates preference-based, predictive “big data” without compromising consumer privacy.



Introduction to Proximity Marketing

About Us

About Us

Push Digital Media is a proximity marketing and analytics solutions provider that helps businesses gain powerful insight into consumer behaviour.

This powerful insight empowers businesses to make smart, data driven decisions to grow their business and increase profitability.

Push Digital Media is proudly partnered with


iSign Media Corp.– Exclusive ReSeller Partner and Equipment Supplier (Canada)

Deviceworx Technologies Inc. – ReSeller Partner and Equipment Supplier (Global)

IBM-Business-Partner [1]
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LED Solutions – Exclusive ‘Intelligent Sign’ Systems Integrator



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